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Plastic waste as school fees

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Plastic Waste and Education in INDIA

Education is one of the most important things in the present-day state for the relief of poverty. It allows people with treasured knowledge, skills, talents, assets and networks. Although schooling performs an awesome function in dictating the destiny of an individual, now no longer everyone has access to schooling. The Akshar School, additionally referred to as the Akshar Forum, strives to fight unequal access to schooling in India through imparting all students with a same possibility to attend school.

India is home to the second-largest number of impoverished folks within the world. However, its massive and increasing population of youth presents a chance for economic development for the entire Indian population. In India, kids should attend faculty from the age of six to fourteen years old. Although India’s education system includes government-funded public schools, several oldsters like better to send their kids to private schools. During the 2010-2011 and 2014-2015 tutorial years, enrolment in India’s public faculties cut by 11.1 million. At constant time, enrolment in India’s personal faculties exaggerated by sixteen million. personal schools that charge low fees have seen associate particularly giant increase in enrolment, particularly from low-income families. this is often for the most part as a result of most Indian private faculties provide English as a core feature of their curriculum, in contrast to India’s public schools. This increase in enrolment in private faculties additionally reflects the poor quality of India’s public faculty system. Low-income families like better to pay tuition so as to send their kids to schools wherever they’re going to receive a quality education.

The Akshar School

The Akshar School, a non-public school placed in Assam, India, is revolutionizing the Indian schooling system. It permits students from low-earnings households to obtain a quality Education by giving Plastic waste as school Fees.

Parmita Sarma and Mazin Mukhtar founded Akshar school in 2016. The couple thought of an idea to ask the students at their school to pay their fees in the form of plastic waste. Fees for the school is equivalent to 25 pieces of plastic waste collected from a student’s community. The school then recycles the accumulated waste into new items, like eco-bricks, at its recycling center. These bricks are made by volunteer in the schools which guides them and make them more aware about the nature and using the plastic waste.


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